What is BBK Mobile Banking?
BBK Mobile Banking is a bank service designed for mobile use, providing the customers the facilities to carrying out banking transactions and inquiries such as (Fund transfers – Bill Payment – Account Inquiries – Chequebook request)
What is required to sign up to BBK Mobile Banking?
All you need is your existing Customer ID and ePIN. If you do not have an ePIN, you can create your own online using the ePIN Online Generation service available in BBK’s website or by visiting your nearest BBK branch.
How do I login to BBK Mobile Banking?
Through the web browser application on your phone, go to BBK Mobile Banking login page by typing in your browser’s address bar and login using your Customer ID and ePIN. You must have a supported device with data net or through a wireless internet network to login to BBK Mobile Banking.
Can I select my own login Customer ID and ePIN?
Your Mobile Banking login Customer ID and ePIN will be the same as your Internet Retail Banking and Telebanking login Customer ID and ePIN.
Is BBK Mobile Banking free?
Yes! BBK Mobile Banking is free of charge. However, customers are subject to fees and service charges as may be imposed by the Telecommunication Service Provider.’
What accounts will I be able to access through BBK Mobile Banking?
You will be able to access all accounts for which you are an owner.